The Dilemma of Mr Henry Baker
short story, 16 pagine
221B n. 22
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24 maggio 2022
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The Dilemma of Mr Henry Baker

di Paul D. Gilbert

Can Sherlock Holmes come to Mr. Baker’s aid... once again?

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An old acquaintance, from a Christmas past, arrives at 221B Baker Street, to present Sherlock Holmes with another festive challenge.

Can the great detective come to Mr. Baker’s aid once again?

Paul D Gilbert was born in London in 1954. He now lives in Harrow with his wife 'and editor' Jackie. They have two sons, Stephen and Philip and a four year old Grandson, Dylan. Besides his beloved writing, Paul also enjoys all aspects of ancient history, movies, science fiction and a vast array of different kinds of music and sport. He is currently employed as a full time undertaker and is close to completing his eighth Sherlock Holmes pastiche.

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